Fiber optics and networks

The department was established in 2006 as a result of a growing influx of fiber optic technologies (incl. backbone links, networks and related equipment) in projects implemented by EL-TEST LTD. We aim for complete execution of engineering projects.
As a result of these projects we have outlined the main objectives of our department:

  • Design of optical lines
  • Design of electrical and optical communication networks
  • Implementation and launching of optical networks and lines
  • Delivery of materials and active equipment for optical and conventional networks
  • Supervision of projects related to optical networks and equipment
  • Measurement of optical specification of routes and issuing protocols

The dynamics and demand of the industry in wich our department operates makes us flexible. We are constantly evolving and changing in line with the market and with implemented projects which in turn leads to both expand the goals and functions and improve the quality of our services.
The department is provided with equipment for connecting optical fiber and measuring equipment of the highest class. The department is also provided with off-equipment that allows reaching hard to reach places through which some of the layouts go.
After the extension of the accreditation in 2012, measurement of optical characteristics of the layouts is included to the accreditation.
We have the following equipment:

Splicer Fujikura 50S.


Multi-application optical test moduleJDSU - dynamic laser module with 45/43 dB 1310/1550 nm  JDSU


Laser source

Tool kit for managing of optical fibers

Laser power measuring device

 power meters

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